Frequently Asked Questions

Convoy is a lightweight DevOps framework that helps regulated enterprise organizations consume Amazon Web Services in an optimal, secure and controlled manner.


Is Convoy Open Source?

The framework itself is not yet open source.  However, Convoy integrates best of breed open source tools.  To provide environments on demand in AWS, we use three key automation tools:

  • HashiCorp Packer: we use Packer to build AMI images for all of the major components in our system using Ansible scripts
  • HashiCorp Terraform: we use Terraform as an orchestration tool to define and provision our servers and environments
  • Docker: we heavily leverage Docker containers both internally and as a means of deploying applications on top of Convoy.

Convoy also stands up a CI/CD pipeline, incorporating tools such as Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube and Cucumber test runners. It also provides operational tooling such as ELK, Prometheus, Consul and Vault.  

How quickly can Convoy be implemented?

We can typically implement Convoy - which means it's ready to automatically deploy environments in AWS - in a matter of days. 

Is Convoy operated on a license basis? 

Convoy is implemented either as part of a wider consultative engagement, as a self-service offering, or as a Managed Service. 


Book a short, 25-minute remote demo and whiteboarding session with a Contino consultant to understand Convoy from a technical perspective and how it can deployed in your organization to accelerate DevOps adoption. 

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