About Convoy

Convoy is a DevOps framework that helps regulated enterprise organizations consume Amazon Web Services in an optimal, secure and controlled manner.


Convoy supports rapid iteration of your full infrastructure and software stack so that your teams can focus on creating software that differentiates your business, rather than configuring infrastructure. It incorporates what Contino has learnt from tens of thousands of man days in the enterprise and distills them into an elegant and flexible framework that companies can use to rapidly accelerate their journey to software success.

The key principles considered during the development of Convoy were:

Avoid lock in: there should be no lock in to the framework. It is a thin wrapper around best-of-breed open source tools such as Packer, Terraform and Docker.  It is not limiting in any way. We can drop out of it at any time into the underlying tools.

Best-practice but flexible: the framework proposes best-of-breed open source tools, but anything is pluggable and swappable into the framework if you prefer to use something else.

Fully-automated Infrastructure as Code: the entire stack is automated using infrastructure as code, including compute, network, storage, applications and development tooling. This gives us the ability to stand up environments and tear them down on demand.

Immutable infrastructure and containers: we make use of immutable server images and application containers to support consistent environments and application deployments.  

Secure by default: Convoy is highly secure, making use of all platform features. It also incorporates infrastructure as code to embed compliance and governance requirements into your software as code. 


Book a short, 25-minute remote demo and whiteboarding session with a Contino consultant to understand Convoy from a technical perspective and how it can deployed in your organization to accelerate DevOps adoption. 

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