Why Convoy?

The business case for the cloud is insanely compelling in terms of speed, agility, time-to-market and cost efficiency.

But, for regulated enterprises with high requirements for security and compliance, consuming a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services requires proper configuration and security as well as the implemention of control and compliance frameworks. 

Convoy is aimed at regulated enterprises in industries such as financial services, healthcare and government, which need to demonstrate high levels of security, controls and audit in their use of the cloud. 

By automatically building secure, compliant cloud environments, Convoy solves these issues and significantly accelerates enterprise cloud adoption. By leveraging Convoy, you'll be able to avoid the up-front engineering and quickly get to value-add innovation in the cloud.  

  • Configured for Security Best Practices

  • Integrated Audit and Control Points 

  • Continuous Compliance Models


What Is Convoy?

Convoy is a lightweight DevOps framework that helps highly-regulated enterprise organizations to rapidly and repeatably build environments on demand in Amazon Web Services, incorporating best practices for security, compliance, operability and cost control.

The framework has been created with DevOps best practices in mind:

  • Automation of Landing Zones and Environment Creation

  • Infrastructure-as-Code Definitions

  • Immutable Infrastructure and Containers


How Is It Built?

Convoy is developed by Contino, a global Enterprise DevOps consulting firm that specializes in helping large, highly-regulated organizations adopt DevOps on Amazon Web Services. Contino is  an AWS Premier Partner and holder of the DevOps and FinServ AWS Competencies.

Contino's experience in helping enterprise clients, such as Allianz, HSBC and Prudential, move to the cloud has shown just how much work and heavy lifting is required to get to the cloud in a way that satisfies their information security, compliance, auditing and regulatory requirements.   

We have built the framework to shortcut the heavy-lifting phase of cloud adoption using industry-leading open source DevOps automation tools that your developers will know and want to use.  

Convoy is not a heavyweight framework, enterprise tool, or cloud broker. It is an integrated and lightweight framework of open source tools that delivers much of the non-differentiated heavy lifting as you move to the cloud.  

  • HashiCorp Stack - Terraform, Packer, Vault and Consul for Immutable Infrastructure

  • Kubernetes for Docker Container Orchestration

  • Ansible for Configuration Management and Infrastructure Automation



Book a short, 25-minute remote demo and whiteboarding session with a Contino consultant to understand Convoy from a technical perspective and how it can deployed in your organization to accelerate DevOps adoption.